7 Factors To Consider When Building Your Website

7 Factors To Consider When Building Your Website

‘What’s your website called?’

‘Check out this new website!’

‘Can you share the website address with me?’

‘I need to buy some stuff, any website recommendations?’

This is how the world interacts today. 

Whether it’s businesses calling out to their existing and potential customers, or friends and family talking about new products and services — a website is everyone’s go-to place. 

If you’re a business owner and you’re ready to build your website, there’s a lot of thought, planning, strategizing and ideation that you need to get to. You need to know what your website is offering, to whom it is offering and why/how your audience will benefit from your website. 

However, your products and services are not all that matters. No matter how good you are at what you do, or how wonderful your products and services are; if your website is unable to present them in a powerful and compelling way you might lose that audience. 

While the design is important, there’s more to it than just colours, images and layouts. Yes, your website must look attractive, but you need to think deeper when you’re considering factors that impact your website, and ultimately, your website visitors. 

While building your website might seem like a complicated task, if you use a simple AI-powered Website Builder, it’ll make the process not just easy but also extremely effective. You can easily take control of every element of your website, whether you’re building an online store or your blog. 

Assuming your business name and logo are decided, you’ve bought your desired domain name and hosting package, and at least ‘reserved’ social media accounts under your business name, it’s time to take your ‘basic’ to the next level! 

Essential Factors That Make a Website Powerful

Once you’ve built out the basic framework of your website — the layout, the images, the colours, fonts, and theme — it’s time to go beyond and consider other factors that can make all of this come together as one powerful and impressive website. Let’s get started.

  1. Functionality

Think of your website functionality from two perspectives — customer experience and technology. As for technical functionality, check if all pages are loading properly, images are loading, security features are implemented, no broken links, and other functions that are key to the smooth up and running of your website. From the customer’s perspective check if it’s easy to look for vital information, contact forms aren’t too lengthy, the checkout process is easy and convenient, navigation is easy and everything on the website facilitates the user rather than causing a hindrance. 

  1. Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action buttons on a website are like traffic signals on the road — they make it easy for users to move forward and get to the destination (checkout) easily and with everything they need. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Proceed to Checkout’, ‘Continue Shopping’, ‘Read Reviews/Testimonials’ — all these clickable buttons on a website help a user take the action that you want them to take, and at the same time help them make their experience faster, and smoother. Call-to-Action buttons must be easy to locate and serve as ‘action’ items that aim at quick resolutions for website visitors. 

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

Most customers today rely on their mobile devices to do quick searches or on-the-go searches for products or services around them. Your website needs to cater to this expectation and work as flawlessly on a mobile device, as it does on a desktop. You need to make sure the layout, theme, images and templates you choose to build your online store effectively work for mobile use as well. You don’t need to build another website for mobile users but just make sure that the theme you choose for your desktop website is equally adapted for mobile. 

  1. Website Content

Work towards creating original, high quality and relevant content for all your website pages. This includes everything from the tagline, to the Homepage introduction, to the About Us page and the product descriptions. Do proper keyword research to create effective content, however, ensure that you do not stuff keywords excessively. You can also link to relevant sources and pages to add more authenticity, as well as credibility for your website content. The content on your website must not only be informative, accurate and original but also emphasise your brand identity. 

  1. Branding

Every business has, and must create, a strong brand identity. This means that the content you create, the colours you choose, your social media campaigns and copy, and every other way you communicate must be on-brand. This helps build recognition for your brand, amplifies your image, and helps customers connect with you no matter where they come across your brand. The tone you use to communicate must resonate with your target audience and help them relate to your brand, as well as help them get the information they’re looking for. Branding also includes being true to your brand colours, logo, and design aesthetics across all forms of communication and platforms. 

  1. Ease of Contact

Customers are more likely to trust and do business with you when they know they can easily connect with you. While an independent ‘Contact Us’ website page becomes a quick go-to for customers looking for your products or services, also add an easy way to contact you on all pages. This helps customers know they can easily connect with you for more information, or at any point throughout their time on your website. Also, include multiple ways in which a customer can contact you — email, calls, chat, WhatsApp, etc. 

  1. SEO Friendly Website 

All your website building efforts will be of no use if your customers don’t see your website pop-up as a high ranking search result. Whether you’re building a new website or optimizing your existing one, ensure you understand, execute and follow SEO best practices so more and more people can see your website, and get in touch with you. 

Get Set, Build, Launch! 

Ready to build and launch your all-new website

A website is your address online — a place where your audience can come see what you have in store for them, ask questions and get answers, be in touch with you and connect with you. 

BigRock’s WebsiteBuilder is the ideal tool to build your website. It requires zero coding skills and allows you to build your customized website in 3-easy steps. Depending on the plan you choose — Free, Starter or Store — you can build fast, secure, mobile responsive, SEO Friendly, and fully functional websites with unlimited pages and storage. With the Starter and Store Plan, you also get a Free SSL, Custom Domain, Site Statistics and much more to help you create a powerful online presence. 

Building your online store or website is not as daunting as it may seem, especially when you have a powerful Website Builder that does half the job for you and allows you to bring your ideas to life. Get started and get selling! 


An Author and Content Marketer @Endurance International Group (APAC), Aastha believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of working with businesses globally, she understands the need to create tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong and create an impact for the right audience.