WebsiteBuilder Now LIVE: Launch Your Website with Zero Coding Effort

WebsiteBuilder Now LIVE: Launch Your Website with Zero Coding Effort

Have you ever stalled the idea of building a website because you didn’t know where to start? Do you want to start your online venture but worry about messing up your website? Do you lack coding skills and thus building a website seems like building a spaceship? Worry not, complicated website building is a thing of the past. 

We got this! 

With BigRock’s WebsiteBuilder, build and launch your website within minutes, all without the hassle of coding! 

About WebsiteBuilder: 

BigRock’s WebsiteBuilder is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered tool that guides you through building your website in three easy steps viz. answering a few questions, customising your website, and publishing it. 

Why Choose WebsiteBuilder for Your Website? 

  1. No hosting required: You do not need to purchase additional web hosting as WebsiteBuilder automatically takes care of your website’s hosting 
  2. Design using the AI tool: Our WebsiteBuilder comes equipped with a powerful and automated AI tool that helps you choose the right theme, layout, fonts, colours and more for your website 
  3. Fully-responsive website: BigRock’s WebsiteBuilder makes your website fully responsive and automated for mobile and desktop versions 
  4. Easily create a blog: Helps you easily create and manage your blog, and schedule blog posts 
  5. Website Security: WebsiteBuilder automatically secures and protects your website with an in-built SSL certificate and encryption

Additional Features of WebsiteBuilder: 

  1. Easy to connect to Google Analytics to measure your website’s performance 
  2. Built-in SEO tools to improve your website’s ranking 
  3. Fast-loading pages and website speed 
  4. Social shares on Facebook and Twitter 
  5. Online store to sell products and services (coming soon) 

We’re very excited about this launch, and we hope you are too! So, what are you waiting for? Get started on building your website with BigRock’s intuitive and easy-to-use WebsiteBuilder.



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