5 Reasons Mobile-friendly Websites Are a Must for Businesses

5 Reasons Mobile-friendly Websites Are a Must for Businesses

India had the world’s second-largest internet population at over 749 million users in 2020, out of which 744 million accessed the internet from their phones.  

Estimates suggest that this would reach over 1.5 billion users by 2040. These figures infer that optimising your website for mobiles is no longer a choice but a necessity. If you don’t, you may lose out on many potential customers.   

A website’s mobile optimisation is adjusting your website’s content to ensure the visitors accessing it from mobile devices enjoy an experience customised to their device. You can get the help of tools like BigRock’s Website Builder to build a responsive website, as they increase efficiency and reduce the chances of errors to a bare minimum.   

Read on to learn more about the advantages of mobile-optimised websites for your business. 

Advantages of Mobile-optimised Websites  

1.Google favors responsiveness  

A mobile-friendly website design doesn’t just please your website visitors but also impresses Google. Google has expanded its use of mobile friendliness as a parameter to provide better search rankings.  

In its mobile-first indexing best practices documentation, Google states: While it is not necessary to have a mobile version of your website pages to have your content included in the search results of Google, it is very strongly recommended. 

You can also take a mobile-friendly test to check if your website is mobile-friendly.  

2. Social media shares are huge on mobile   

One of the best things about mobile devices is the ease of sharing interesting posts, pictures, and articles with friends.  

Most websites accessed through a mobile device include social media buttons, including Share buttons on top or bottom of articles to urge people to share the content with their friends and family.  

Even when a Share button is not there, it is built into the device’s browser, meaning mobile users and their social media handles are inherently linked. The cleaner your website looks and the easier it is to navigate, the more likely people are to share your page with their followers.   

3.Having a good mobile website makes you more memorable  

A website that provides a better user experience and navigation will always attract more visitors and come out on top. And nowadays, as a significant percentage of people use mobile devices to make searches and purchases, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly to attract a larger audience and make your brand stand out in the market.  

4.More purchases are made on smartphones  

In 2021, approximately 72.9% of all retail ecommerce sales were generated via smartphones, up from 58.9% in 2017. Emerging ecommerce markets in mobile-first economies are a great driver of this trend. This can be partly because mobile devices give people the power to stay informed all the time, be it by reading product reviews, comparing brands and deals, etc.  

5.Mobile users have a lot to do on the go  

As we all know, people with smartphones can use multiple screens at a time. They can check Facebook, look up how to get somewhere, send a tweet, and check the weather in less than a minute.  

Therefore, your website must be mobile-optimised to keep visitors on your website for a longer time and help them find what they want before switching screens. With this, you can grab your visitor’s attention immediately.  

It also makes it easier for them to pick up from where they left off your website.  

Although making your website mobile-friendly may take some time, it allows you to target the messages to suit everyone’s needs, including those on the go. Additionally, such websites should:    

  • be quick to load  
  • have less text  
  • have fewer moving parts, pop-ups, and text boxes to fill out 
  • have menus with simplified dropdowns
  • have prominent call-to-action buttons  

Advice corner: To make your website mobile-friendly, include valuable information about your company. No need for wordy mission statements, your business’s lengthy history, or access to all your previous press releases while accessing your website from mobile. You can streamline your message to keep readers engaged.  

Start a Mobile-First Business Website 

Now that you understand the importance of building a mobile-friendly website, you can easily infer that it’s a worthwhile investment that yields amazing results when deployed correctly. And brands that will invest time early on in making their websites responsive are most likely to witness the most success in the long run. 

If you haven’t yet, create and launch a mobile-friendly website in minutes with BigRock Website Builder.   


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