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Who should get a .desi website and/or email address?
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    Entrepreneurs and SMB’s

    Businesses looking to develop and market their online presence locally and regionally.

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    Individuals, students, and youth groups who want to celebrate being ‘proud desis’ and showcase their desi roots.

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    Global Businesses

    Any business wanting to reach out beyond the India desi audience, in developing or extending their desi brand globally

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About .desi

.DESI is a new, unique online identity for individuals and businesses of the Indian subcontinent, South Asia and other related countries. “Desi” is a derivation of Sanskrit and has strong ties to the Indian continent, as it means, “of our country”. .DESI is a patriotic, symbolic name and generates feeling of trustworthiness among Indian audiences. Thus, a company or individual can profess to have a steady affiliation in the country where their audiences are based in and are familiar with.

The .DESI extension allows people familiar with the cultural term to establish a firm connect, which makes your company or your individual websites relevant and favorable to the audience that you are targeting. Domain names associated with .DESI are not restricted to a particular category or an industry. Anyone can register with a .DESI TLD to boost their image as being identifiable to a popular audience. .DESI is popular in communities which fall in the Indian subcontinent and is for anyone who wants to promote their products, themselves or for charitable purposes.