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We'll manage all your Google Cloud Hosting needs, so you can build & grow your business

  • 100% Server setup & management
  • 24/7 Advanced support
  • 100% Prepaid billing

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Benefits of Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting

No complex server setup time

No platform maintenance hassle

No unpredictable billing worries

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Technical Specifications of Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting

Get the right resources and support with our Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting plans

Compare and choose what suits you best​​​

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Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting
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Self Managed Cloud Hosting
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Best suited for

Users that want to host websites on a true Cloud environment with minimum hassle of server set up or server maintenance

Websites that need more resources than what Shared Hosting can offer

User tech skills

Knowledge of website development only

Knowledge of cPanel and website development

What do you manage?

Application maintenance

Application maintenance, CDN setup, Backup setup, SSL setup, Application setup

What do we manage for you?

Server setup, server maintenance, PHP/Apache/MySQL upgrades, OS upgrades, initial application setup, setup of integrated applications like SSL, Cloudflare, CodeGuard backups

cPanel setup, server maintenance

Type of applications

Any application that can run on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Any application that can run on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


Dedicated computing, storage and network resources for each Google Cloud order

Shared computing, storage and network resources with other orders on the same server


Hosted on Google Data Centres powered by the high performance Google Kubernetes Engine

Hosted on BigRock servers powered by our Shared Hosting platform and cPanel


Coming soon: RAM and CPU for growing ecommerce or resource-heavy websites

Scalable RAM and CPU for small and growing websites


Pre-installed integrations:

  • Backups by CodeGuard
  • CDN by CloudFlare
  • SSL by CloudFlare
  • DB Caching with Redis

Pre-installed integrations:

  • SSL by Let’s Encrypt
  • Basic web caching by NGINX

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Frequently asked questions about Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting

Here are some FAQs about Fully Managed Google Cloud Hosting. If you have more questions, that aren't listed here, we're happy to help

What is Google Cloud Hosting?

Google Cloud hosting is built to simplify Cloud Hosting for customers. Built on Google’s Kubernetes Engine, it is highly optimised to improve your website’s performance with enhanced security, scalable and reliable technology. It comes with auto CMS installation that lets you get started immediately without having to worry about server setup. All costs incurred by the customer are upfront (prepaid billing) that allows consistent website performance, especially during sudden traffic spikes from sales or promotions without unexpected hidden costs.

How is it different from other Cloud Hosting?

How does it provide scalability?

How do I install an SSL? Can I use an existing SSL certificate?

What is caching?

Can I upgrade/downgrade my hosting plan?

Can I migrate my existing website to this product? Are assisted migration services available?

How many backups can I take and how do I manage the backup process?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

What does the SSH Management process look like?

Can I migrate from Shared/cloud hosting to Google Cloud Hosting?

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