Top 5 Industries that Could Benefit from a .IN Domain  

Top 5 Industries that Could Benefit from a .IN Domain  


There are a lot of business and work opportunities that you can explore in India. If you plan to launch a business here, getting a .IN domain is a step towards boosting your chances of success.  


India’s diversity provides a variety of consumer profiles for every business sector, with millions of them contributing to the country’s economy. In fact, India’s GDP, when adjusted to the purchasing power parity, rose to 7.04 percent in 2019. If the trend continues, it’s likely to reach 8.59 percent by 2027. That’s an opportunity you can’t miss and, as a business owner, you’d want to get a claim for even a small part of that purchasing power. 


Using a .IN domain opens an opportunity to connect to one of the world’s most diverse countries. So, in this article, we’ll find out which business sectors could benefit from using .IN domains.  


What’s good about a .IN domain


Let’s say, you’re reminded of someone’s birthday and you’re short of time to get a gift for them. What do you do? You pick up your phone and do a quick Google search, right? In the search, you’re likely to include “near me” to find which stores are nearby. Once you press enter, Google will give you a list of businesses in the area. Considering the limited time, you’re probably going to buy a gift from one of the stores in your search.  


.IN domains help establish your brand/business in the Indian community. This is possible because it boosts your local search visibility. It also helps you build the trust of Indian consumers by establishing a credible business image. On top of that, it makes businesses become a lot more memorable.  


5 Industries that could benefit from a .IN Domain


Here are the top 5 industries/niches that could benefit by registering for a .IN domain:  


  1. Food & Beverages


A strong online presence attracts more and more business opportunities. Considering the current trend, people refer to online recommendations to discover newer options – including food! Using a .IN domain offers an easier way to find authentic and credible Indian restaurants. This is especially attractive to tourists who are looking to experience Indian food. But it works with locals as well. 


In general, food businesses, whether small or large, enjoy the perks of websites. Especially if they offer online orders and delivery through them.  


  1. Real Estate


With most people preferring to use online services, limited physical meetings and site visits affect real estate businesses. But real estate companies thrive by using websites. It can replace face-to-face interactions. Real estate websites show property listings along with their photographs. There are even 360-degree views that allow customers to check the property from anywhere – just like they’re in it! 


Use a .IN domain for a local real estate business. It’ll help you reach customers looking for properties in India.  


  1. Healthcare


Owing to the market demand and changes in consumer behavior, healthcare institutions have been pushed to use online booking appointments, online consultations, or ordering medication. It’s effective and even more convenient.  


Using .IN makes health care accessible to those that need medical help – even online.  


  1. Architecture


Well-crafted websites are important for the success of engineering and design-oriented fields. They help showcase project portfolios and milestones that prove legitimacy. It also allows customers to match with the right company for a project. 


.IN domains also help convey an impression to locals that you’re easy to reach and connect to, which are both crucial to successfully executing architecture projects.  


  1. Advertising


India’s marketing and advertising industry are thriving in today’s digitally driven environment.  


It doesn’t mean traditional advertising is dead. But most advertising companies also find success online. This is why they’re expanding and creating their digital footprint to keep up. With varied digital marketing channels, advertising companies get an opportunity to specialise. Choosing to specialise helps them target a specific niche.  


.IN domain bridge customers to advertisers that specialise in the Indian market. And considering the huge market, advertisers get value from using this domain extension.  


There are more industries that use .IN domains to propel their success, like fashion, photography, etc. If you’re not seeing the sector where your business belongs, become the pioneer. Take steps to promote your heritage and grow your business at the same time. 


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Domain names are not only your website name or email suffix, but it’s your online identity. So, if you’re launching a business that targets Indian consumers, getting a .IN domain is a must.   

Don’t wait or hesitate – take your business to the next level with a .IN domain today! 



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