Thinking Domains? Think .CO – Here’s Why!

Thinking Domains? Think .CO – Here’s Why!

From COrporates to COmmunities to COmpanies – everyone is going .CO!  

The .CO domain has established itself as a reputed, globally known and memorable domain name to establish your online presence. Today, startups and established brands, innovators and entrepreneurs are all choosing the .CO domain to launch their ideas online.  

Launched in 2010, .CO instantly became synonymous with ‘Corporates’ and ‘Companies’. However, today, a .CO domain is much more than that. Now, people associate .CO with innovations and technology, ideas and creativity – across industries.  

Here are some interesting facts about the .CO domain: 

  • 2.2 million .CO Domains Registered (as of Dec’2018)  
  • 20th Largest Domain in The World Rank of 1500 TLDs 
  • 80X Growth Since 2010 
  • 50+ Global Partnerships
  • 750 thousand Innovators Reached at Global Events 

Why Go .CO? 

Well, if being memorable, short, trendy and globally known isn’t enough, here are some more reasons you must consider .CO as your domain: 

Industry Agnostic: 

There are a lot of new and fun TLDs that have made a mark, however, most of these are restricted to a specific industry/niche. On the other hand, .CO is industry agnostic and can help anyone establish a strong online presence. E-commerce websites, bloggers, business websites – .CO is for everyone!  

Global Reach: 

.CO is a significant domain, globally. Not only is it recognized across the globe but also allows you to spread your wings across geographies. You can use it by itself and add country-specific domain extensions as you grow/require, for example, etc.  


.CO is usually more easily available than other top TLDs. This means you don’t have to change your domain name or branding because your desired domain is not available.  

Let’s meet some .COers!  

Here are some established websites making the most of their .CO domain: 

High Voltage –  


Mural – 

Art&Found – 

 Let’s Get Your .CO!  

Whether you’re a company, a corporate, a community, or an entrepreneur, blogger, innovator – .CO is for you! It’s the domain for big ideas that deserve to make it bigger online.  



An Author and Content Marketer @Endurance International Group (APAC), Aastha believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of working with businesses globally, she understands the need to create tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong and create an impact for the right audience.