Get Set Launch – Get .CO

Get Set Launch – Get .CO

.CO is the domain for creators and innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses. It is a globally understood, recognized and popular domain extension that will allow you to launch your big ideas and showcase them to the world.  

Typically associated with ‘Corporate’ and ‘Company’, a .CO domain is much more than that! It’s perfect for innovation, inspiration, creativity and business ideas across industries. It’s short, memorable and the right choice for you.  

The cherry on top – a .CO domain is usually more easily available!  

Over time, .CO has also become synonymous with ‘Community’, giving a larger audience to make the best of this Top-Level Domain. Now, communities, forums, discussion and opinion pages, and social channels are adopting the .CO trend, along with start-ups across industries.  

AngelList, one of the world’s largest start-up communities also jumped on the .CO bandwagon.  

It’s not just start-ups though! Did you know Twitter uses as a URL shortener? 


Here’s Why You Should Consider .CO to Launch Your Ideas 

  • It’s a globally relevant and recognized domain 
  • It’s usually more easily available 
  • It’s memorable and short (a much-needed advantage in today’s digital and character-limit age!) 
  • It’s industry-agnostic  
  • Corporates, companies, communities, creators, bloggers, innovators, start-ups and more – .CO is for everyone!  

Ready. Set. Co. 

Your idea is set, you have made all your plans and blueprints, you have your eyes on the goal – let’s launch with .CO!  

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