Importance of SSL Certificate for an E-Commerce Website

Importance of SSL Certificate for an E-Commerce Website

Imagine if your bank says we can keep your money but we can’t promise it’ll stay safe with us — would you trust that bank? I assume not! 

Forget a bank, imagine renting a hotel room on a holiday where the hotel says there’s no lock on the door so we can’t assure security — would you stay there? Again, I assume not! 

Security and safety of our assets are of prime importance, in everyday life, be it personal or professional. 

Now, imagine you are a customer. You go to a website to purchase some household items but the website looks unsecure. Will you trust it to make an online purchase? Would you want to give your personal and bank details? 

An SSL certificate for e-commerce websites is that mark of security that gives the assurance to customers that their transaction and shopping experience is safe. 

As an e-commerce website owner you handle critical and sensitive information of your customers and ensuring its safety must be your responsibility. You want to ensure that your customers feel safe making transactions on your ecommerce website and obtaining an SSL certificate is a key step in ensuring that. 

To start with, how do you know is an ecommerce or any website for that matter, has an SSL certificate in place? Look at this image below:

Notice the tiny closed lock at the beginning, followed by https? These are the two visual signs that certify a website’s security. 

You may notice some websites are HTTP, while others like this image, are HTTPS. That extra ‘s’ at the end is what certifies that the website is secure and encrypted. The ‘s’ signifies that an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protects the website. 

If you go ahead and click on the lock, you can see more information, like this: 

While an SSL certificate is essential for all websites, it becomes an integral and necessary part of an ecommerce website. Why? Because ecommerce websites collect sensitive data such as credit/debit bank details, passwords and other financial information from its customers. Thus, any website like an ecommerce website that requires visitors/customers to share personal and financial details must invest in an SSL certificate. 

Benefits of an SSL certificate for Ecommerce Website

When a person lands on a website without SSL and other data-encryption security measures, they may receive warnings and alerts to notify them that the website is unsafe. Unsecure websites are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other threats, and this is an immediate deterrent for anyone to go ahead and continue browsing, let alone transacting, on that website. 

For an ecommerce website, security becomes of prime importance as you want your customers to be able to trust you and the fact that you will keep their personal and financial information secure. Here’s a list of benefits that come with an SSL certificate for ecommerce websites:

Secure Payments

As an ecommerce website, chances are you’ll accept different modes of payment, including credit card payments. This is sensitive information and whether you have an in-built payment system on your ecommerce website, or redirect customers to a third-party payment platform, an SSL certificate will ensure that the customer’s data is secured. This also gives customers the satisfaction that you’re a credible ecommerce platform that ensures their data is not stolen or vulnerable to threats. 

Password Protected

Most ecommerce websites want to build a loyal customer base through membership or exclusive accounts. This requires customers to create password-protected accounts to easily shop on your store. This ease-of-use and password-protected login also create more opportunities for cybercriminals to steal information, however, an SSL certificate ensures password-protected logins and minimizes vulnerability to attacks. 

Data Collection

Ecommerce websites don’t just collect financial information but also rely on customer’s personal information and preferences to be able to serve them better. This could include questionnaires, feedback forms or other web forms to offer a more tailor-made shopping experience. The protection of this personal information is equally important and an SSL certificate helps you keep this vital data secure. 

Google SEO Rankings

In 2014 Google announced that websites with https, SSL certification, will enjoy a slight benefit in SEO rankings, as compared to HTTP websites. While the boost in SEO rankings may not be very high, this further establishes the need to keep your ecommerce website SSL secure. Additionally, this also indicates that your competitors are also going to do the same and you must be at par. 

Get Secure With SSL

While there are many ways to secure your website, SSL certification must be one of your top priorities to ensure a hassle-free, safe and secure shopping experience for your customers. Owing to this need for security, SSL certificates from BigRock offer many features and benefits that help you protect your ecommerce website and your customers. 

Online shopping and the world of ecommerce is at an all-time high and continues to grow. Customers today prefer an online shopping experience, and are always on the lookout for newer ecommerce platforms that cater to their needs — but not at the cost of compromised security! 

For more tips on keeping your website and online business secure, head to our Security Blog category. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below. 


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