Grow Globally, Grow Big with .CO

Grow Globally, Grow Big with .CO

Your domain name reflects your brand. Getting recognized is one of the first signs of building your online brand presence. A .CO domain extension is the best bet when it comes to your company being discovered globally.  

.CO is an acronym for company and helps users identify your brand as a globally recognized corporation. Whether you use it as itself or a country-code domain extension viz.,, etc., just by adding the .co extension you can promote and serve customers globally.  

Currently, around 0.8% of websites use this domain extension, and the number is predicted to grow. 

Why choose .CO? 

  • Helps in building a professional and global corporate brand image for your business  
  • Recognized globally, and helps in building trust and credibility 
  • Short, easy to memorize and recall 
  • Boosts relevancy and enhances your websites SEO  

Who is .CO perfect for? 

.CO is ideal for anyone who strives to reach customers globally. This can include:  

  • A company or corporate business  
  • A budding startup  
  • An organization or community  
  • An online store  

Just about anyone! 

Some popular brands using the .CO extension:  


Fun-fact: Google has also registered a domain! 

Get, Set .CO! 

So, what are you waiting for? Register your company, corporation, or community with the .CO domain and take if off globally!  

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