Understanding The Need For Domain Privacy Protection

Understanding The Need For Domain Privacy Protection

To understand what domain privacy protection is and why we need it, let’s take an example from our everyday life. 

When we open a bank account to keep our money and other assets secure we assume that the bank will cover all our security needs. However, with the need for security and added security features offered by banks, we may choose to opt for add-on security measures like digital passwords, fingerprint access etc. Why do we do this? The account is ours, why do we need added security? 

The fact is, security breaches in all areas of life have always existed, and are on a continuous rise — what we need are ways to mitigate them. 

When we buy and register a domain name, we give all our personal information that is saved on WHOIS — a publically available database. Domain privacy protection is that addon feature you invest in that hides your personal information and thus adds that extra security layer to protect you. 

Hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, malware, spams and all these things that you want to protect yourself from in the digital space thrive on data and personal information. Data privacy protection helps you keep your domain name and personal information safe and hidden from all these possible threats. 

Domain Privacy Protection — Why & How

The need for essential website security is not new. Every year and every day the number of people being affected by cyber-attacks and losing out on critical data and valuable information is constantly rising. While there are many tools, add-on products and services that once can use to secure their website, it all starts with domain privacy protection. After all, buying and registering your domain name is the first step to building your website. 

We recommend buying add-on products like SiteLock to prevent cyber attacks, give your site visitors the trust of security they need and instantly protect your website from any online breaches. With SiteLock you are instantly notified about possible threats and your website goes through regular scans to identify any malicious activity. Just like SiteLock you can buy add-on protection for your domain name as well, here’s how: 

How can you get domain privacy protection? 

When you choose a professional and reliable hosting provider or domain registrar you can buy domain privacy protection as an added security feature. At a minimal cost, you can instantly ensure complete protection for your domain name. For example, if you buy and register your domain name from BigRock you can instantly buy Domain Privacy Protection as well. 

Why do you need domain privacy protection?

Now that we understand the risks and threats of an unprotected domain name and how easy it is to get one for yourself, let’s take a look at why we need domain privacy protection. 

To Protect Personal Information

As stated earlier, as soon as you register your domain name your personal information, like, name, phone number, email address etc, becomes publicly available data on WHOIS. With domain privacy protection you can hide this critical information and secure yourself. 

To Avoid Unsolicited Messages & Calls

With your information being public you expose yourself to random and unwanted calls from sales and marketing teams from anywhere and everywhere! 

To Reduce the Risk of Scams & Spams

Again, with your personal information out there for anyone to access you expose yourself to the risk of being scammed. Your personal information also becomes a commodity that can be sold to third-parties. What’s more? This leaves you open to receiving unwanted spam emails, phone calls, messages and more. 

To Boost Website Security

Without complete protection, your website becomes vulnerable to being hacked, or being compromised by cyber attacks. The information you collect from your customers or site visitors may also be at risk. This can lead to losing all the critical data that you collect and store on your website. 

Secure Yourself With Domain Privacy Protection

Just like we trust our bank to protect our assets, we must protect our domain name and website. You don’t want someone to have access to your personal information and spam you or worse compromise the security of your website, and in turn, the security of your customers. 

With a simple solution — domain privacy protection — you not only secure your personal information but also protect your website and customers. 

To know more about the best in security features and the latest updates in the world of digital security, head to our Security Blog section. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below. 



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