.CO – The Perfect Domain to Go Global

.CO – The Perfect Domain to Go Global

The right domain name can take your business places. Getting recognized can not only boost your brand image but also help in establishing a rewarding online presence. And when it comes to being recognized as a global corporation, .CO is one of the sought-after domain extensions.  

An acronym for company, the .CO domain extension can be linked to a company or corporation instantly, thus making your customers aware that you run a business. As of July 2022, .CO dominates around 0.8% of the share of powering websites globally. 

You can either use the .CO domain as standalone (www.example.co) or as part of a country-code domain extension viz. .co.au, .co.in, and more.  

Advantages of choosing .CO 

  1. It is short and memorable 
  2. It adds value to your brand making it unique, innovative, and progressive
  3. It offers trust and is globally recognized 

.CO is perfect for: 

.CO is ideal for anyone or everyone who runs an online business and wants to promote it globally. The list can include: 

  1. An already established corporate or company  
  2. A startup business or online entrepreneur 
  3. An online store/e-commerce website 
  4. A community, blog, or organization  

In short, absolutely anyone who wants to establish a global online presence!  

Some of the popular brands using the .CO domain extension: 

Hinge – www.hinge.co 


hinge-the dating app

Canopy – canopy.co 


VSCO – vsco.co 


Grow Globally with a .CO Domain 

Waiting to start your business and got a perfect domain name in mind? Register with a .CO domain extension and go global! 

You can now get .CO domain at just ₹1,949/yr ₹99. So, what are you waiting for? Register your domain and take your business places. Hurry! Offer valid from 18th to 31st July.  



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