5 Ways to Make Money with your Website

5 Ways to Make Money with your Website

Got a website but think you can do more? You sure can! You can turn your hobby into an income source with the right ideas. Making money from your website could actually be a reality! Let’s explore how:

  1. Affiliate marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money on your website is to become an affiliate. Find & endorse products you like on your website. If a visitor purchases the product / service, you get a split of the sale! Of course, ensure the products / services you endorse are genuine and you believe in them yourself. The commission on a sale could fetch you anywhere between 30-70% of the product price.

Earn: 30-70% of the product price

  1. Pay Per Click Advertisement (Google Adsense)

Google Adsense is probably one of the easiest ways to make money with your website. With Google Adsense, you are simply lending space on your website so other advertisers can run ads.

How do you do this? Sign up with Google AdSense (in under 2 minutes), Google will then give you a code to paste in the header and footer of your website and viola! You’re good to go. 

Once you’re signed up, the code identifies the content on your website and publishers can run relevant ads to your visitors. Everytime someone clicks on your ad, you get paid. 

Earn: $0.5 – $5 / click

  1. Sell website ad space

An alternative to AdSense is to sell space such as the side bar or the top of your website directly to companies to run ads. You can quote your own price for a sidebar, the hello bar, etc. Again, you would get paid depending on traffic to your website (measured by per one thousand impressions).

Earn: Quote your own price!

  1. Sell products or services

This one needs a lot more work but is probably most rewarding. To be able to sell products and services, you will need to of course, own products and services.

If you’re a travel blogger, you could maybe create little booklets of information on cities you’ve travelled to and sell. Or, you could sell images of pictures you’ve clicked as wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. You could even sell a printable calendar with photos from your trips.

Be creative. Use your website to sell products or services like apps, themes, eBooks, whitepapers, images etc. 

Earn: The price of the product / service

  1. Create a premium membership

You can also make money with a freemium or premium membership fee. This entails providing paid visitors special access to useful pages, a blog, discount prices etc.

The New York Times uses the freemium model (also known as The New York Times paywall) well. They permit 5 free articles a month and charge a mere $1/week for unlimited articles.

You too can earn by charging a small fee for premium content, special access etc.

Earn: Quote your own price!

With the right ideas, you can earn money from your website as a side business or perhaps even full time! Get monetising now!