How to Safeguard Your Website Like a Vault

How to Safeguard Your Website Like a Vault

You lock your car, right? And your house?

And you generally don’t walk down the street waving your open wallet in front of nefarious-looking characters (we hope).

So why would you leave your website open to online criminals looking to steal your information and your cash?

Putting one of those steering wheel lock-thingies on your computer probably won’t do the trick. But there are a number of ways to keep your company well-protected against annoying — and dangerous — security breaches. You can prevent hackers from invading your website with these resources:

Be proactive. Everyone has knee-jerk reactions to protect their resources after a hack, but investing in a scanning service now will give you peace of mind before anything dramatic happens. The small business-minded company SiteLock monitors your website and pinpoints malware and other vulnerabilities.

Protect your commerce. Nothing is more valuable than your customer data, and when people visit your site, they want to know that their private details are under lock and key. You’ve seen the little padlock symbol when you’re checking out of an online store — that’s SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which means an encrypted channel has been created far from hackers’ prying eyes. You can purchase Commodo SSL certificates at yearly rates.

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