BigRock Launches Acronis Cyber Backups for VPS & Dedicated Products

BigRock Launches Acronis Cyber Backups for VPS & Dedicated Products

Do you need disaster recovery protection for your VPS or Dedicated Server? BigRock is delighted to announce the launch of Acronis Cyber backups for our VPS and Dedicated servers.

Acronis is an award-winning company that provides backup software & data protection solutions. The Acronis Cyber Backup solution backs up every single file on your system as well as all configuration files and hardware settings. So if anything happens to your server, it can be restored easily- even if you have thousands of GB of data! Thus, with this new backup service, you can rest assured knowing that your data will be safe should a disaster occur. 

What is Acronis Cyber Backup?

Acronis Cyber Backup is a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution for VPS & Dedicated servers. It allows customers to back up their virtualized environments in just seconds while also protecting the data from ransomware attacks, cyber-attacks, and other threats that can harm the data. Acronis has been trusted by over one million businesses across the world to protect their data – and now, you can enjoy the same peace of mind.

Why There’s a Need for Acronis?

Every VPS and Dedicated server has different needs, and it is important to understand that your server needs a backup solution designed specifically for your environment. Anything less might not be enough if something goes wrong with your system’s hardware or software and results in critical data loss or downtime.

As a VPS and Dedicated Server provider, we go through an extensive process to prepare a server right from the operating system layer. Beyond that, a client goes through the painstaking process of deploying the compatible application stack and finally deploying their application or websites. In the case of servers with cPanel/Plesk, the server owners are responsible for all their clients’ websites, email, and DNS services running on that server. This is where our customers were facing certain challenges such as:

  •         Risk of losing important data.
  •         Unable to recover data quickly.
  •         Not able to secure data from ransomware.
  •         Longer downtime while recovery is in process.

Therefore, as the best technological solution, we’ve partnered with Acronis to provide a single solution for Backup & Restoration for all our VPS and Dedicated Server customers. Acronis delivers the best data protection and recovery services that will help our customers to avoid costly downtime, regulatory fines, and lost revenue.

What makes this Backup Service Different

  • This backup service can be purchased as an add-on over & above a new or existing VPS or Dedicated server.
  • Backup is stored on Acronis Cloud. Hence, your disk space is not utilized for storing data backups.
  • You can adjust the storage size required for storing the backup on the Acronis cloud.

Why You Should Invest in  Acronis Cyber Backups @ BigRock


  • You can schedule regular backups or get on-demand backups for your servers
  • Easily maintain multiple backup points that are limited only by the total backup storage you have purchased
  • You need only one backup account for multiple servers


  •         You can restore to your servers directly from the Acronis panel
  •         Restore entire server-level backups or even individual files and folders
  •         Restoration can be done to other servers in the same Acronis account as well
  •         You can choose to download the backups to your local machines

Intuitive dashboard

  •         You can list servers that are being backed up and backup points with time stamps
  •         Check the health of your backup processes
  •         Emails will be triggered for all notifications and backup related alerts
  •         Easy to use settings where you can configure your backup schedules
  •         You can also email the reports to yourself

Fast & Reliable Recovery

Customers & businesses can reduce their costs & have a lower downtime with a fast & efficient recovery of their backed-up data.

Usage-based Pricing

Simple & flat pricing based on the volume of backup space purchased


It supports both Windows and Linux servers of all flavours

Easy to set up

We automatically take care of the backup service setup and account creation for our customers once the payment is successful.

Along with this, at BigRock, our expert team is available 24×7 to assist you with everything you need. So, what are you waiting for? Get Acronis Cyber Backup for VPS Server & Dedicated Server today!


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