Website Design and Managed SEO Services Now Live on BigRock

Website Design and Managed SEO Services Now Live on BigRock

 At BigRock, our aim has always been to improve and enhance our customers’ digital journey by offering them the best products and services to build and grow their website with ease.  

We’re excited to launch our all-new Marketing Services with Website Design and Managed SEO offerings, ideal for anyone who is seeking an expert guide to creating stunning, highly functional, mobile-responsive & SEO ready websites! Whether you’re a newbie, a small business owner, an online store, an individual website owner/blogger, or just about anything else – a professional website can take you places. 

Why do you need a professionally designed website? 

Even though website design might seem like a simple task – it can be complicated if you’re not well-versed with coding, server functionalities, or growing your website’s reach. With the help of BigRock’s Website Design Services, you can leave designing and SEO to our experts while you focus on building your business, reaching out and connecting with your customers, building your social media presence, and much more. 

Websites built with BigRock’s Website Design Services are clean and decluttered to improve your brand image, support high functionality, and are mobile and SEO friendly. Moreover, our Managed SEO Services make it easy for businesses to rank across top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so your target customers can find your website easily.  

Features of Website Design Services 

Our Website Design Service combines your vision and custom requirements with professional guidance from our expert website designers to help deliver a branded, professional and responsive website. 

Here are 5 key benefits of choosing Website Design Services:  

  1. Access to a team of expert web designers to create a professional website, to get your business online 
  1. Up to 2 rounds of detailed design revisions with BigRock’s in-house expert designers 
  1. SEO-friendly, social media-friendly, mobile-responsive, customizable, and more 
  1. Helps to generate and convert leads and decreases advertising costs  
  1. Automatic SSL certificate installation   

Lastly, the most important feature of Professional Services is that it helps in building your brand! 

How does the Service Work?   

Once you’ve chosen your Website Design Service plan from BigRock. Getting started with the service is a quick three step process:   

Step 1: Meet with our Design Expert – Schedule a meeting with our design expert and share your vision, requirement, and website goals  

Step 2: The Design and Building Process – Our experts start designing your custom website complete with stunning images, branded colour scheme, mobile and SEO responsive pages, and more  

Step 5: Website Launch and Handover – We share the website with you for approval – once you review and approve, we handover the website to you and make it live 

Now that your website is built and ready to launch, it is time for you to have the right SEO practices in place so that your target audience can find your website easily, and our Managed SEO services is just the thing you need. 

Why Managed SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is all about keyword-targeting, however, without prior experience it can be confusing. Our Managed SEO services help you build and grow your website’s reach with the help of keywords, tracking, analysis and more.  

Here are 4 benefits of choosing Managed SEO services:  

  1. Expert SEO manager – Our Dedicated Manager share one-on-one updates, insights and more with you on a timely basis
  2. Targeted keywords – We aim at targeted-keywords campaigns that are appropriate for your business to boost visibility and reach
  3. SEO copywriters – A team of SEO copywriters to upscale your content on viz. blog, website, and social to boost your ranking
  4. Website analytics – Keep track of your website visitor count through our specialized SEO efforts & BigRock’s local SEO services 

How Managed SEO Services Work? 

SEO helps get your website to the top of relevant searches and drive traffic through organic search engine results. Our in-house SEO experts help up your website SEO through Managed Search Engine Optimization by designing strategies that makes your website stand out.  

Some of the things we would take care of include: 

  1. Thorough keyword research – We aim to pick and include the right keywords for your business, making it reachable for the customers
  2. Regular website audits – Our Managed SEO Services are designed to help your website appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) with regular audits and customized strategy
  3. On-page optimization & content – Our stellar team of copywriters will create website & blog content that’s SEO-rich, unique, and top-notch to boost authority
  4. Detailed SEO reports – Our Dedicated SEO Manager will create and share monthly insight into metrics, including visibility, rankings, performance, traffic and more 

Build It for Me 

Starting your digital journey and building your first professional website can seem like a complicated process, you have to decide and register a domain name, buy web hosting, design your website, and even plan marketing activities. However, with Marketing Services you can easily get in touch with web design experts who would create your website and figure out SEO activities to promote your website, whereas you can market your website on various social channels.  

To know more about our Website Design Service and Managed SEO services, feel free to get in touch with our experts to help you answer your questions. 

You can reach us on 1800-419-4426 or chat with the experts! 




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