Understanding How VPS Hosting Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

Understanding How VPS Hosting Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

One cannot deny or ignore the boom in digitalization and how that has influenced the way we do business today. Additionally, with COVID-19 forcing everyone, across the globe, to shift to an online way of doing business — both as a business owner and a customer — being online has become ‘life as we know it!’

As a business owner, you have also probably either moved online or are considering it. This will not only help you re-capture your customer base but also ramp up the opportunity to capture a larger customer base. 

A website thus becomes the new business address — where your customers can buy your products, avail your services, keep in touch with you and visit you to do more business with you. However, without the right hosting plan, you may not be able to serve your customers to your best capability. Simply put, if your website is your home, hosting is the water and electricity supply that ensures the smooth running of your home. Just like how you share your water and electricity supplier with numerous other houses, your website might share the hosting server with multiple websites as well. 

But that’s the difference when you buy VPS Hosting!

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, makes the server exclusive for you. So while you share your server with multiple websites, your server resources and the operating system remains private and exclusively for you. 

It’s thus a double win — you get access to larger resources as compared to Shared Hosting and it’s much more affordable than Dedicated Hosting. 

Top 5 Benefits of VPS Hosting That Boost An Online Business

While VPS Hosting can bring in a number of benefits and advantages for an online business to grow, and run efficiently; we’ve listed the top 5 benefits. 

Before you go ahead and understand what these benefits are, take a moment and think about the goals you have set for your online business. Chances are, you want to grow your customer base, do more sales, get more traffic and keep on scaling your offerings. Well, that said, let’s look at how VPS Hosting can help you do all that and much more!

1. Reliable Resources That Minimize Risk 

The first thing that sets VPS Hosting apart from other hosting types is the fact that your server is private, thus any risk faced by other servers will not affect you. Your website performance will not be compromised, or at risk, because of lags or failures in other virtual servers. This makes VPS Hosting a much more reliable solution that supports and boosts website performance. 

2. Faster Speed and User Experience

If you’re wondering why speed matters, the simple answer is that it’s what differentiates between a good and bad user experience. In fact, studies show that 47% of customers expect 2 seconds or less load time. When you opt for VPS Hosting you do not share the resources, like CPU power, disk space and RAM, with other websites. This automatically means your website speed is faster and better as compared to those using Shared servers. 

3. Scale and Upgrade

As your online business grows you would want to be able to scale and upgrade your website to accommodate higher traffic and need more resources and space. VPS Hosting is a comprehensive server that understands the need to support scalability. You can easily upgrade your existing plan without any hassle, minimizing downtime or other possible lags during the transfer. 

4. Enhanced Security — For You & Your Customers

For any online business, security for the website and the customers must always remain a priority. Understanding the need for essential website security features enables you to protect any critical data that your website may collect or put your customers at the risk of their personal data being stolen and misused. VPS Hosting allows you better control over the security measures with a server firewall. Additionally, being a private server, any threat to other websites will not affect you. 

5. Complete Control and Flexibility 

With Full Root Access, VPS Hosting allows for better control and flexibility for your online business. You can control your server and configure it the way you want to, best fitting your website’s needs and requirements. This also allows you more security by controlling access for specific accounts. 

Bring in the VPS Advantages! 

Ready to grow your online business?

Bring in the power of VPS Hosting and support the growth of your website. Get faster page load speed, bump up security measures, control access to your servers and reap in the benefits of going ‘private’. 

We hope your online business continues to scale more heights, and VPS Hosting helps you make the best of it. 

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