What are the Benefits of Fully Managed Cloud Hosting?

What are the Benefits of Fully Managed Cloud Hosting?

With the growing need to establish an effective online presence in this digital era, more and more businesses are looking for reliable website hosting solutions for their websites. Over the years, multiple web hosting services such as VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Cloud Hosting have gained popularity due to their advanced hosting and storage architecture. Amongst these hosting services, Cloud Hosting, particularly, has emerged to be the hosting platform of choice for businesses, be it big or small, because of the multiple benefits it offers.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of fully Managed Cloud Hosting but before jumping onto these benefits, let’s have a look at what is Cloud Hosting,  Managed Cloud Hosting, and who should opt for it.

What is Cloud Hosting?

A Cloud Hosting solution is a type of website hosting where multiple websites are hosted over a single physical server, whereas the data of the websites is stored across multiple servers. This type of hosting ensures advanced data security, high uptime, and seamless data restoration. Cloud Hosting employs advanced cloud storage platforms, which mirror data across different locations in real-time. Data mirroring provides a high level of security to your website data. When the primary server fails, the workload is seamlessly shifted to the secondary server, and the data is automatically restored from there. Meanwhile, the primary server simultaneously undergoes repairs. This seamless backup, transition, and restoration process guarantees high uptime with Cloud Hosting.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting & Who Should Opt For It?

Managed Cloud Hosting is basically an extension of the above where the Cloud Hosting service provider carries out all the backend maintenance and monitoring. Managed hosting enables organisations to leverage the expertise of the IT staff of the service provider. As all the server maintenance & management work, including regular updates, backup, security patches, general server upkeep, etc., is taken care of by the cloud hosting provider, it leaves business owners & their staff with the bandwidth to focus solely on their business and its growth.

Clearly, in managed Cloud Hosting, almost all the technical work is executed by the service provider itself. The website/business owner need not worry about setting up the cloud infrastructure or hosting their website. It is the technical support staff that takes care of all the support requirements. So, it is better for new organisations or those lacking technical knowledge of handling website hosting to opt for fully managed Cloud Hosting solutions. Also, the large enterprises that have a shortage of time and cannot address the server needs should opt for fully managed Cloud Hosting.

Benefits of Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Services

1. Dedicated Customer Support

One of the significant advantages of fully managed Cloud Hosting service is they come with exceptional customer support services. For organisations that are new in the business or are limited on budget, have maintenance issues, lack the required expertise, or have disruptive customer support services, fully managed Cloud Hosting services are the best solution for them as managed Cloud Hosting comes with 24*7 support service. From software updates, hosting management to site enhancement and performance monitoring, managed Cloud Hosting solution encompasses all. Having a dedicated team to look after your website’s maintenance services saves not only time but also improves the quality of your business’ services.

2. Easy Workload

In the absence of managed web hosting, the website owners need to manually set up the infrastructure, install hardware and connect with the software. This whole process takes up a lot of time, and if the business organisation doesn’t possess the required skills, they’ll need to get into the hiring spree. With managed Cloud Hosting, on the other hand, the business owner simply doesn’t need to worry about any such thing and can focus completely on their business. All of the installation, integration, and maintenance work of their website is executed by the service provider. In addition to this, the Cloud Hosting service provider usually also takes care of the backup and website updates; this relieves the business owner from keeping track of the server necessities.

3. Improved Security

Opting for cloud web hosting indeed comes with multiple benefits.  One thing that obstructs certain users from moving to Cloud Hosting is their concerns about data privacy & website security. Surprisingly, in Cloud Hosting services, the data storage solutions are designed in such a manner that they are completely secured and ensure seamless backup & restoration of the website. Additionally, fully managed Cloud Hosting comes with dedicated service offerings where cybersecurity terms and protocols are effectively applied to ensure privacy.

4. Advanced Caching

Another important consideration regarding managed Cloud Hosting is the ability to employ automated caching facilities. Fully managed Cloud Hosting solutions come with prebuilt packages that are equipped with caching features. These features ensure that the entire caching process is executed automatically without any need for human intervention. Moreover, managed Cloud Hosting has the caching procedure already aligned and segmented; this saves hours and improves website’s performance.

5. Automated Recovery and Backup

As mentioned above, with a fully managed Cloud Hosting solution, it is the service provider’s responsibility to keep track of the entire website & performing its regular updates, and ensure that it’s at par with the latest industrial trends. Your service provider will also execute backup operations on the website on a regular basis. So, you don’t need to keep an eye on the update notifications panel.

6. Regular Monitoring

In addition to all the above benefits, fully managed Cloud Hosting services also come with regular checks and performance measurements. These generated reports provide an in-depth view of your entire website, and you can use this data to make your future business decisions.

Final Word

Opting for fully managed Cloud Hosting may cost an organisation a little more than they spend on the traditional web hosting solutions. However, considering the plethora of benefits these services bring in, fully managed Cloud Hosting services are worth the money. Whether you’re a small-sized business or a big  organisation, web hosting is an important element of running a business website. Often, hosting solutions fail to provide business websites the uptime, adhere to the request, or secure data. All of this leads to loss of business, and hence, choosing the right web hosting service provider is crucial. Make sure that you correctly assess your requirements, research your options well and choose the best cloud web hosting service provider that offers both scalability and reliability.



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