5 Amazing Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

5 Amazing Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

The word ‘dedicated’ automatically makes things seem more personal, exclusive and committed. Think about it. Both in our personal and professional lives, we seek people and resources dedicated to helping us grow. 

Dedicated Server Hosting is just that — a personal, exclusive and committed resource to help your business grow and scale. 

When looking for the right hosting services you may be confused about the different types of web hosting, and which best fits your requirements

At the onset of your business, Shared Hosting may suffice your requirements, but as you grow and traffic to your website increases it’s best to move to a Dedicated Server Hosting plan so you can continue to serve your customers/visitors without any issues. Still wondering what Dedicated Server Hosting is? Dedicated Server Hosting is thus considered the perfect hosting solution for larger businesses that experience high traffic on their website. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting service. 

Dedicated Server Hosting: Need, Benefits and Advantages 

The need to choose Dedicated Server Hosting plans arises when a website owner needs more power and control. Since Dedicated Server is an exclusive resource for a website, the chances of downtime or other issues minimize, thus, maximizing productivity and functionality. Here’s a list of the advantages and benefits that follow: 

1. Greater Control and Flexibility 

With Dedicated Hosting, you have greater control over the server as you have flexible server configuration options. From the RAM to disk space and other vital components, you have the flexibility to manage these entirely based on your specific requirements. 

2. Administrative Access

Unlike Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting allows you root access, i.e, administrative access that further allows you to customize your configurations and plugins as per your individual needs. Simply put, you have administrative access to customize your hosting and server needs rather than depend on a ‘one size fits all’ plan. 

3. Enhanced Security

With ‘personalised’ and ‘exclusivity’ also comes enhanced security. A Dedicated Server gives you exclusive control and access, thus maximizing your security. You do not share the server space with anyone else and the chances of threats and malicious attacks are automatically minimized. 

4. Dedicated IP Address

Just like the server space, your IP address will be dedicated to just your needs. This means the chances of your IP address getting blocked or blacklisted because of someone else’s mistakes/actions is completely negated. 

5. Effective Scalability 

Just because you’re choosing to move to a Dedicated Server because your website traffic has increased does not mean you will not continue to keep growing. As your website traffic further increases, Dedicated Server Hosting allows you to scale your configurations too, to accommodate your growing needs. 

Dedicate To Growth! 

As a business owner, you make numerous decisions every day, all dedicated to the growth and success of your business. Switching to Dedicated Server Hosting is one such decision that will fuel your growth, allow you to offer an unmatched website experience to your visitors and effectively keep scaling your business. 

Get dedicated to your growth — Get Dedicated Server Hosting. 

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