Why Should You Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Business Website?

Why Should You Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Business Website?

The internet has become an integral part of our daily life. It is used to find information about virtually anything, be it ordering products or services from favourite brands or even conducting business transactions. For business growth, your online presence is just as important as your physical one, and you need to reach customers no matter where they are! Thus, you need to have a business website, and this is where domain names come into play. Domain names help create an online identity for your business website and enable you to differentiate yourself in the crowded marketplace.

However, the pool of domain names is shrinking at a rapid rate, so getting the ideal domain name for your business website may turn out to be a difficult task. When you find an appropriate domain name that is available for registration, you might just end up with the most common domain extension, i.e., .com (which might look perfect for you). But when it comes to the modern digital landscape, things seem to have changed significantly. There are different types of domain extensions that can be registered with various registrars (the entities that manage domain ownership). Some common domain extensions other than .com are “.net”, “.org”, “.biz”, “.info”, or country-specific domain extensions such as “.in, .us, .nz”, etc.

Most business owners don’t really comprehend the importance of registering multiple domain name extensions. Thus, if you aim to create a strong brand identity for your business website, investing in multiple domain extensions is crucial. In this competitive business world, missing out on a small thing might just give your competitor the opportunity to catch up and surpass you. Thus it is important for businesses to have multiple domain extensions under their array because these domains can help them maintain their identity online while giving others fewer opportunities to register a similar domain and take advantage of their identity on the internet. 

Let’s dig deeper into why you should register multiple domain extensions for your business website.

Why Registering Multiple Domain Extensions Is So Important?

Usually, people remember only the company’s name and not the exact website address. In that case, they’ll simply run a search with your business name to locate your company’s website on the internet. Most likely, they will click on the result that is listed on the top. In case your competitor has optimized their website smartly, there are chances that their website will be on the top of the search engine list for your domain name. Even if a customer remembers your domain name, there are very few chances that they would remember the domain name extension. Therefore, it is imperative that you secure your identity over the internet in such a way that no matter which domain extension people type while searching for your business website, it must lead them to your website. This will help you in keeping your online identity intact. Also, you’ll have an assurance that your prospect will land on your website and not on any other competitor’s website after searching for your business name online.

Reasons Why You Should Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Business Website

It is, of course, unrealistic to register all the domain name TLDs, but you can think of registering a few closely related ones. Here are the most significant reasons why you should consider doing that:

Prevent Similar Domain Registrations

If your business/website is doing really well, your competitors might consider registering domains similar to yours with other extensions that you haven’t registered. For e.g., if you’ve only registered the domain name – mybusinesswebsite.in, your competitors might just register mybusinesswebsite.com or mybusinesswebsite.biz (if these versions are available). Even though they might not use these domain names for hosting websites, this will stop you from registering them.

This can create a significant impact on your business. For instance, if a person assumes that your website ends with .com, but your domain name actually ends with .in, s/he will not be able to get to your website by typing mybusinesswebsite.com. Also, if you’re planning to expand your business internationally and you wish to register a new domain name for your business in, say, the UK, you won’t be able to register it if someone has already taken it. This way, you will lose out on opportunities to expand your business.

Redirect the Other Domains

When you register multiple domain name extensions, it is not necessary for you to create a website for all of them. All you need to do is make sure that whenever somebody visits the other domains, they are redirected to your main website. In this way, even if someone accidentally types in the wrong domain extension, they’re redirected to your website. Thus, all your potential customers who were unable to get to your main website earlier will now be able to reach your website even if they type in the wrong domain name.

Opportunities with Geolocation

The search engines typically use geolocation extensions for guiding people when they’re searching for products or services that are near to them. If someone in the United Kingdom tries to find a business in the UK, results will be displayed with websites that end with .uk or .co.uk.

If you wish to expand your business’ international reach, you will benefit by buying various domain name extensions as per geolocation for the countries that you want to target. Even if you just register these domain names with various geological extensions and don’t create websites now, you’ll be able to create new websites with those domain names later on when you wish to expand your business.

Apart from this, the other most significant advantage is that you’ll be able to create international websites in different languages. You can sell your product/service in various currencies and reach a bigger market for your products & services.

Improve the Search Engine Rankings

As mentioned above, if your business is international and if you’re targeting multiple countries, buying various country-level TLDs such as .com, .au, .in is a good idea. This is because the domain names that have country-specific TLDs secure a better ranking in the SERP (search engine result pages) in the respective countries. This step will help you to give a boost to your organic search results & ranking.

Stop Others From Encashing On Your Domain Name

If your business website is doing really well, your competitors or other people might just try to take advantage of your efforts by registering your domain name similar to yours with different extensions. If this happens, your website’s traffic might go to their website, and your users may end up at the wrong domain name extension. So, it is better to register such similar domain names and not let anyone take advantage of your efforts.


Having more than one domain extension for your website will open the door to more opportunities and a greater market for your business. Even though this looks like an expensive investment now, it will be worth it in the long run. Registering multiple domain extensions is especially beneficial for eCommerce websites as this enables them to target many countries and a larger audience. You’ll be benefiting from this move even if you simply redirect the other domain name extensions to your main website.

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