Thinking Global Business? You need a .GLOBAL Domain name

Thinking Global Business? You need a .GLOBAL Domain name

The Internet has brought the world closer. All you need is a website to start tapping the global market. But you need to choose the right domain name extension for attracting international visitors. And you will want to clarify a few apprehensions as well:

  • Should I go with the “.comdomain?
  • Can a ccTLD work well in different markets?
  • If I chose a new generic TLD, will it rank the same way?

When you try to find answers, you may even think of having separate ccTLDs for countries to cater country-specific market. But there is a better way to meet your global aspirations.

Go with .global Domain Extension

It is a generic top-level domain that came into existence in 2014. With it, you can reach out to the worldwide audience and portray your business as a global brand. Whether your business is of product or services, you can use the “.global” extension. Thousands of websites are already registered with this domain in a short period since its inception. Some compelling reasons to choose this extension are:

Global Image

When you have this generic top-level-domain with your domain name, for instance, www., it instantly helps you portray a global branding message that you want to convey to your visitors. What if you had chosen “.com” or some other extension? You get the feeling that they can’t create the same effect.

Global Traffic

When you are doing business across the globe, and are dealing across the international borders, using this extension will help. Foreign visitors coming to the site can easily connect to the domain. You will surely not want them to ignore your website due to country restrictions. When the website is accessible to any user without any limitation of location, “.global” extension can help to attract traffic from visitors across the globe.

Global SEO

With this extension, search engine optimization for the site is improved for the better. Visitors looking for companies with a global presence may use the word “global” while searching on the internet. When you have “.global” domain extension, it will serve as a keyword as well which results in improved rank on the search results.

Use Case For This Extension

You are a multinational organization which has business interests in many countries across the globe. You want to differentiate the local website from the international one. Here is what you can do:

Global Website:

Country Sites:

You can use the site with “.global” extension to cater to international users. Once they reach this site, they come across your global brand. However, if they are looking for something location-specific, you can guide them to country-specific site and connect with the local offices.

With the use of this extension for the global site, you are showcasing your diversity which allows international site visitors to connect instantly.  The word ‘global’ is prevalent in most languages, so there are minimal linguistic issues in sending the branding message.

Can You Register Your Site With It?

You can easily register your site with no restrictions at all. Whether you are a global organization or an individual you can register with ease. There are thousands of sites which use this domain extension without any issues. There are minimal chances that you will find a domain name ‘unavailable’ with this extension.

Leading Sites Using This Extension –  It is a market place for mobility providers and mobility resellers. Here they can connect quickly. – This company has its presence in 90 countries. It provides healthcare, social services, and health education across the world. – The company provides clean drinking water to remote and rural areas. More than 1.7 million people across the globe are using its products.

Benefits of register a “.global” domain extension with BigRock

  • Instant Global Brand Image for the domain name.
  • Availability of domain is not an issue.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Helps attract global traffic.

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