An online address for your business — a website — has become more essential than a physical address. Businesses and customers today meet online, engage digitally and all transactions and communications have gone virtual. 

When it comes to being digital, it’s a ‘Busy’ place, it can help create a positive ‘Buzz’, it’s the right way to do ‘Business’… and it’s time to make it .BIZ. 

A .BIZ domain is synonymous to a place that does business. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, a service provider or even an information platform — if you mean business be .BIZ. 

Who can create a buzz with a .BIZ domain? 

A .BIZ domain is extremely dynamic as it caters to all and every kind of business. It is industry-agnostic, geo-agnostic and as long as you’re online to do business, the domain is suited for you. So .BIZ works for you if you are:

  • An e-commerce store
  • A B2B or B2C service provider
  • A baker, carpenter, painter or from any profession that is doing business 
  • A business-oriented blog, community, or information website

How does a .BIZ help your business?

The word ‘Biz’ is synonymous with ‘Business’. With a .BIZ domain, chances are, your potential clients and customers will instantly understand that your website is about business. Thus, for people looking for the business you do, it makes an instant connect. Additionally, with a .BIZ domain you build credibility for your business and highlight that you mean business and you’re here to do more of it. 

Some popular .BIZ websites include:

The BigRock Advantage

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That’s not all! You also get FREE services worth Rs. 5000/-, including:

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  • Domain Forwarding: Now you can automatically forward people to any website you want on typing your domain name in a browser
  • Domain Theft Protection: Your domain is secure with us. Theft Protection allows you to protect your domain so it isn’t transferred out accidentally or without your permission
  • Easy To Use Control Panel: The intuitive BigRock control panel enables you to Easily manage your domain name and other products
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