.CO the right choice for your Startup!

.CO the right choice for your Startup!

Did you check the availability of a domain name for your startup and found it unavailable? Well, you are not alone! Here is why:

“.COM” is undoubtedly the most popular domain and most visitors relate the web to this domain only!  And that’s why domain name
traders are busy registering the most famous names with it so that they can sell it to the buyers like you at a premium price later on.

Source: Domainnamestat


What is “.CO” TLD All About?

As a startup, you might have started a company. “.CO” is an acronym for the “company,” and it is recognized across the globe for company,
corporation or commercial endeavors. The number of people who are browsing the web on mobile devices is high as there is a smartphone in every educated hand.  Now the need for short and memorable web addresses is more crucial than ever. If you want something essential and futuristic, “.CO” is the right TLD.

As compared to 150+ million registrations for “.COM” there are just 2 million registrations for “.CO”. It means you can easily register your desired domain name with this TLD.

“.CO” domain registration is cheaper as compared to “.COM” domain. But yearly maintenance of a “.CO” domain is expensive. You may
wonder why it is so. Well, the reason behind premium pricing is to stop unusable registrations by domain traders. This helps those entrepreneurs who want to startup and need a credible domain for online presence.
You can register a “.CO” domain the same way you register a.“COM”. Just search for the domain name, and if it is available, you can buy the
name you like.
“.co” domain works as efficiently as a “.com” domain works, but a short snappy name highlights your online presence globally and effectively
communicates who you are and what you do.
As said above, there are just 2 million “.co” registrations as compared to 150+ million “.com” registrations. Thus, it is easy for users to
memorize and identify your tailor-made, unique business name.

What Can You Do Now?

When the domain name is unavailable with a “.COM” TLD, you can do the following.
1. Buy it from existing domain name owner
2. Modify the domain name (pre- or suffixes) until you find the right one available.
3. Try “.CO” TLD
If you are ready to pay extra and make an effort, you can find the domain owner, and if he is willing to sell, buy it for a premium. But when you are starting up, it is not advisable for financial reasons.

Altering the existing domain name with suffixes or prefixes may distort the branding of the company besides lengthening the name. It may not work for many.
Try “.CO” instead, which is a relatively new domain extension that offers the global option for online branding presence.

Startups Who Are Using “.CO”

Thousands of companies across the globe are using this TLD. And one among those is valued at over a billion dollars.

Here are a few of them:
It is a niche social network and publishing platform and community of artists who share high-resolution images, long-form text, etc.
It is a smart LED lighting company which offers smart light-bulb that gives light in a million color combinations.
It is the last mile electric scooter rental service. What’s surprising is that the company is worth more than a billion dollars in just two years and that too while branding on a “.CO” domain.

Financially better off startups are spending good dollars on acquiring the right “.CO” domain names for their business. Here are some of them:

  • PayCo, an online payment company, paid USD46, 087 for Pay.co
  • Light, a camera maker bought Light.co for USD25, 000.
  • LeadCo, insurance lead generator decided to invest USD25,000 for Lead.co
  • Hybrid, a media production agency paid up USD12, 000 to become the owner of Hybrid.co a few months ago.
  • Stage, a virtual venue for live entertainment paid USD7, 000 for Stage.co earlier this year.

In the same way, a.co is with amazon.com and g.co is with google.com and the leading companies are registering with “.CO” domain as well.
Register your “.CO” with BigRock and Get These Benefits Now!

  • High Availability- Check for your domain name with “.CO” and chances are high that it is available.
  • Better Optimization- For better SEO, the length of the name is as crucial as a keyword. With “.CO” you can get a shorter and better name that is relevant from the optimization perspective
  • Quick Recall- “Co.” is recognized the world over as an acronym of the company. “.CO” is easy to type and has a better recall as well.

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