5 Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites in 2023 

5 Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites in 2023 



Web hosting is an essential component of every business website that wants to be online. This makes it even more important to pick the right web host from the many different options that exist in the market. Since there are quite a few options and choosing the right one could be a problem from the myriad options, understanding what you need is also equally critical.  

Because of this, we have performed the legwork to locate the web hosting service that is most suitable for small businesses so that you can easily choose the one that is most suited to your company’s needs. Before we get started, it is important for you to have an understanding of what components are necessary for your website.  

Every website for a small business has to have its own unique domain name, a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, a content management system (CMS), and sufficient storage and bandwidth to host the content of the website as well as regular backups. With an SMB the needs are no different and any good owner of an SMB will keep an eye on a hosting partner that can walk hand in hand with their vision. Here are five best examples of web hosting for small business websites.  


1. Bluehost India 


Bluehost India is regarded to have the finest reputation in the industry when it comes to selecting the top web hosting businesses, particularly WordPress for small businesses. This is due to the fact that Bluehost India understands the requirements and wants of small-medium business consumers with regards to WordPress and web hosting better than any other company. The most straightforward explanation for this is because, in contrast to the majority of service providers that only provide WordPress as an option, their crew (support and account administration) lives and breathes web hosting in general.  

The servers provided by Bluehost India are of the highest quality, and their prices won’t put too much of a hole in your pockets. Their most basic plan begins at INR 199 a month, and there are possibilities to grow up. Bluehost is known for having one of the most helpful customer service teams in India. In addition to this, the company’s entry-level hosting packages come with some outstanding features, such as a free domain name for an entire year, free SSL, email accounts, 50 GB of SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth.  

To put the cherry on top of all of this, they also provide woo-commerce integration for those users who wish to attract clients with a fantastic e-commerce website. The following is a comprehensive list of advantages offered by Bluehost India, which is ranked among the top 10 web hosting companies:  




  • The WordPress.org team recommends Bluehost India 
  • Affordable, with no additional or hidden expenses 
  • Support for customers that is both speedy and friendly 
  • Assurance of a full refund within 30 days 
  • Installing with a single click for website builders 
  • Super-fast servers and load time (402 milliseconds) 
  • Disk space and bandwidth that are not metered 




Transferring a website from one server to another, especially to WordPress hosting, is a time-consuming process that is why website transfers cost money. 




BigRock is one of the leading name and web hosting providers in India, with a particular emphasis on providing a wide range of domains at affordable rates to small medium businesses. In light of the incredible growth of new companies operating in the Indian market, their monopoly on domain name registrations is nothing short of astonishing. One of the reasons why new businesses and SMBs choose BigRock rather than any other option is because of their understanding of the needs requirements and the problems of small businesses.  

In addition to having this level of competence, BigRock is a reliable and smooth-running operator when it comes to transferring domain names. BigRock, in its capacity as a registrar, takes measures to guarantee that it complies with the policies and procedures governing domain names established by ICANN. Their prices are competitive across the board for all types of TLDs and ccTLDs, and one can also take advantage of substantial price reductions at certain times of the year and for each of the four seasons. Because of this, they make it onto the list of the top 10 web hosting providers in India. 

BigRock is recognized by a large number of small and medium-sized businesses in the industry as being devoted to providing hosting services, including cloud, shared, and dedicated servers, despite the fact that the company is not widely renowned for its hosting expertise. Their customer service representatives are well-versed in the latest domain name and hosting trends, and they take steps to ensure that they are familiar with the most effective methods for resolving issues. In addition to these particular benefits, there are a great many more, including the following:   




  • The simplicity of control panels for DNS management 
  • Protection from domain theft 
  • SSL and Comodo certificates are easy to install 
  • Free email accounts for customers 
  • Cheap starter plans (Rs.99)  
  • ICANN accredited registrar 
  • Discount deals on domains through the year 



  • Domain renewals could be high for some 
  • No free automatic backups 


3.InMotion Hosting 


Although the InMotion brand may not be particularly popular, the company is well-known for providing excellent VPS solutions that is preferred by many a SMBs. They have an outstanding support that is available around the clock, and the number to reach them is prominently displayed at the very top of their website next to an icon of a telephone. The majority of their plans are comparable to one another, and it is also clear that their price overlaps with that of some of the more reputable companies now operating in the market. Even if they aren’t particularly competitive in terms of the savings they offer, they provide sufficient time for their customers to become acclimated to using their hosting service. One illustration of this is the company’s provision of a free trial period that lasts for ninety days, something that no other company in the Indian market currently does.  

They do not believe in any form of aggressive upselling, which is another factor that is worth highlighting about them. It is also common knowledge that they have clients who have been with them for longer periods of time than consumers of many other service providers in the industry. Because of this, corporations and technology bloggers choose them as their hosting facilitator of choice. In addition to these characteristics, the following are some of the perks that come along with using InMotion:  




  • They have a self-managed cloud backed VPS as well as managed VPS (with cPanel) 
  • Free and unlimited email, free SSL certificate, and domain 
  • Entry-level plans have excellent support, phone, chat, tutorials, and queries answered effectively 
  • Also, provide managed WordPress hosting as a variety option to users 




  • Renewals are higher than many top brands, and discounts are low 




In the web bosting industry, Hostinger has built a strong reputation as a company that provides adequate storage, bandwidth, and other resources to its customers. Their most basic plans start at just INR.59, and when it comes to shared hosting, Hostinger is widely regarded as the industry leader in providing the very finest service to SMBs.   

Even their most basic bundle provides sufficient resources for a website to operate without interruption. When it comes to uptime, Hostinger has a solid server performance, clocking in at an average of 99.50% of the time. Hostinger assures that their clients don’t lose business as a result of the website, even while the site is occasionally unavailable.  

Hostinger offers one free domain registration, email account, and SSL certificate with a bandwidth cap of 100 gigabytes for those who are looking for free services. This is a key factor, if not the primary reason, for its widespread appeal. In addition, the exceptional speed of their servers (420 milliseconds) is an attractive feature that encourages clients to sign up for their programs. The following is a list of other advantages that Hostinger provides its customers:  




  • Totally free backups 
  • Free of charge domain name 
  • Free SSL and BitNinja security for your website 
  • Assurance of a full refund within 30 days 
  • Installer for WordPress accessible via single click 
  • Starter hosting options with a lot of storage space and low prices



  • The configuration for SSL certification must be done manually 
  • The quality of the company’s call assistance is not the greatest in the business 



When it comes to web hosting providers in India, GoDaddy is one of the brands that is marketed the most and has the highest name recognition. It is well-known all over the world for the domain name registrar services it provides, where the basic plan is quite affordable but does not offer anything lot. I will explain why. 

If you were to start a plan with GoDaddy, you might begin with a shared hosting plan that costs a meagre INR.99; however, this plan does not offer sufficient features such as backup, free SSL, site transfer, security, and so on. GoDaddy’s uptime, on the other hand, is the best in its category, with an uptime of 99.99% and a great page load speed. GoDaddy’s performance is on par with those of similar companies. The fact that you have to continually paying more to gain services ultimately results in you spending a significant amount more than you would with other providers, therefore it is not good value for the money. You can have all of it for a far lower price.  

Additionally, you are only eligible for a free email account and domain registration if you pay for the full year’s membership. Once more, spending money on something that can be obtained for free from any other web hosting business in India is something that you are doing here. Having said all of that, there are certain benefits to using GoDaddy: 




  • Great page speed (500 ms) 
  • Easy usage 
  • Live chat support is an eye-catchy feature 
  • Reliable uptime (99.9%) 




  • No automatic backups 
  • No Migration services 
  • Slow support 
  • The starter plan has limitations 
  • Too many up-sell and high renewal fees  




Here is hoping that you have a better understanding of which web hosting companies are the best foe SMBs. We believe that after reading this you will be better equipped to decide, with the budget you have available, which hosting provider is best for you.  

BigRock is a reliable domain, web security and web hosting provider that offers 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, high scalability and performance. In case you have any doubts, queries or feedback for this article, please share them in the comments section below.      



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