What Are ChatGPT Prompts & How to Write Your Own? 


What Are ChatGPT Prompts & How to Write Your Own? 

ChatGPT has already taken the digital world by storm, with more than a billion global visitors. While the ChatGPT is created to provide human-like conversations, the AI may sometimes simply make the stuff up. So you must know how to craft a chatgpt prompt for the best possible outcome. That’s what you will be learning in this how-to: 

What Are ChatGPT Prompts? 

The starting point of a conversation using ChatGPT, or any other conversational AI tool, is a prompt. But what is a prompt? Prompt consists of words and phrases that are meant to get a response.  

When you ask ChatGPT a question or provide instructions, it will react as if you were having a conversation. By asking a new question or giving an order that expands on the answer, you can carry on the conversation. The chat’s tone, direction, and scope are determined by your prompt. 

Accessing the full potential of ChatGPT’s language model involves creating clear, purpose-driven, and context-rich prompts. The chat gpt prompts are more than just queries or statements. Prompts are like your creative toolkit that allows you to use AI for a variety of tasks, like writing a poem or an email.  

ChatGPT is based on large language model (LLM). It is not possible to ask the LLM in the same manner as humans, even though it can respond in a reasonably human-sounding manner. To get the results you want in ChatGPT, you must instead use precise words and phrases in the prompt that provide the appropriate context. 

How to use ChatGPT prompts? 

Whether you want creative content, information, or practical solutions, here are some important tips on crafting a chatgpt prompt that yields exceptional results: 

1. Use action words  

Prompts should begin with words that are obvious and action-oriented, such as “Create,” “Explain,” “Write,” or “Generate.” So, action-oriented prompts provides useful answer.  

2. Include context 

Context is necessary to successfully guide ChatGPT. Provide relevant background information when asking for help or guidance. If you are asking about marketing strategies, be sure to provide information about your business, target market, and goals. Context helps ChatGPT better understand your needs and provide responses that are suited to you.  

3. Be specific and clear 

Avoid unclear or inaccurate prompts, as they tend to generate similarly unclear answers. Make sure the prompts you make are clear and precise. Indicate key characteristics, specify the product and preferred tone if you require content for a product description. 

4. Test and improve  

Try experimenting with other prompts without hesitation. With ChatGPT’s flexibility, innovative research is possible. Try a few different strategies to see which one best suits your objectives. 

5. Use examples 

Include examples in your prompts to convey your expectations clearly. Ask ChatGPT to imitate the style of the paragraph or sentence you share.  

6. Give the length of the content 

When needed, mention the optimum length for your response in chat gpt prompts. Declaring the length in advance guarantees that you get the right answer, whether you need a paragraph, a long essay, or a brief reply. 

7. Make the tone clear 

In your prompts, make it clear, if you need content in a certain tone. A humorous response, an official report, or a casual blog post, defining the tone guarantees ChatGPT follows your intended style.  

8. Evaluate and improve 

Writing good prompts needs practice, just like any other skills. For more precise results and improved outcomes, analyze and improve your prompts on a regular basis. 

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How to use ChatGPT prompts for SEO? 

Do you work in the field of SEO? Then, these GPT prompts will help you in increasing digital traffic: 

Prompts for topic generation 

  • Generate a list of topics for X SEO-friendly blog post for the [industry] 
  • Provide a list of SEO-friendly topics for the keyword [keyword] 

Prompts for content outline 

  • Create a blog post outline for a blog article titled [title], with a 2-level heading structure. Add the keyword [keyword] in the headings and subheadings. 
  • Generate X H2 and H3 subheadings for a blog post on the topic [topic]. The subhead titles should have 60 characters and be catchy. 

Prompts for keyword research  

  • Give X SEO keywords that have a high search volume associated with [topic].  
  • Generate X SEO keywords that are relevant to the product description [product description]. 
  • Create a list of high-volume, long-tail, and low-difficulty keywords related to the topic [topic].  
  • Make a list of the low-competitive keywords for the industry [industry].  

Prompts for classifying audience search intent  

  • What could be the user search intents for the keyword [keyword] 
  • Give possible search intents for a website in the [industry] 
  • Generate X long-tail keywords related to [topic] and give their corresponding search intent  

Prompts for SEO blog writing 

  • Write a blog for X words on the topic [topic] using the keyword [keyword] for 500 words. The blog should have an intro, X sub-heading and conclusion.  
  • Write a blog post in X words on the topic [topic] and optimize for the primary keyword [keyword]. This keyword should appear at least X times in the blog in X subheadings.  

Prompts for SEO copywriting 

  • Generate a web page on the topic [topic] for a [company and details of the product]. And optimize it for the keywords [Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3…] 
  • Using the [copywriting framework], make an compelling argument for customers to explore [product]. 

Prompts for FAQs 

  • Give me X FAQ questions related to the keyword [keyword]  
  • [Add content] Generate X FAQs related to this content. 

Prompts for SEO meta title and meta description  

  • [Add content] Give a meta title and description for this content and include the keyword [keyword].  
  • Add meta description and title for the topic [topic] and use the keyword [keyword]  

Prompts for ranking and better readability  

  • [Add content] Rewrite this content and organize it better, and also include these keywords: [Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3] 
  • [Add content] Summarize the given content into bullet points to enhance the readability. 

Prompts for SEO content proofreading 

  • [Add content] Review and rewrite this content for better SEO optimization. 
  • [Add content] Identify sentences in this content that use the passive voice and rewrite them in the active voice. 

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How to use ChatGPT prompts for Marketers? 

Make use of this GPT prompts to craft compelling marketing content: 

  1. Write a thirty-second TikTok video script for an inner fashion brand. The script should be enjoyable and appealing to a Gen Z audience. 
  2. Create five Google Ad headlines to take customers to this landing page [URL]. 
  3. [Insert email] Re-write this email to appeal to customers. 
  4. [Insert post] Re-write this Instagram post for Twitter. Keep the post around 250 characters.  
  5. Write a professional LinkedIn post under 100 words using this [insert copy]. 
  6. Write a 1-minute YouTube script for [product name] using [product information] about the company. 
  7. Write a copy of the landing page for a limited-time discount on [service or product]. Use three header combinations with the following product features [product feature list]. 
  8. Propose a referral program to incentivize our customers to refer our [product] to their networks. 
  9. Generate 10 compelling taglines for a new Instagram brand campaign for [product details] 
  10. Design a lead magnet to attract potential customers to our website [website URL]. Here is information about our product [product information]. 
  11. Create five ideas for content to include in an email drip campaign. 
  12. Generate [number] titles and descriptions for an Instagram post about our company’s brand values, our brand values are [values]. 
  13. Create three compelling copies that will encourage customers to sign up for our email list. 
  14. Write an Instagram caption for a new ice cream that we are launching this summer. Here are its details [Details]. 
  15. Develop three unique concepts for Facebook ad campaigns that will target customers in the following locations [locations]. 
  16. Generate a structure for an infographic highlighting the key benefits of our [service]. Here is information about our services [service information]. 
  17. Create a two-month Google campaign outline for or new men sports shows. 
  18. Create an email to thank our customers for purchasing our product  
  19. Write a one-minute script for an online course about Java course for beginners. 
  20. Create three website banners that promote our summer sale. Include information about the following products [product info]. 
  21. Suggest five ideas for encouraging customers to leave reviews and ratings about our products. 
  22. Create a content for series of automated emails that will inform our customers about new products or services that would encourage them to purchase. 
  23. Generate five examples of a Facebook ad headline that will drive more conversions to our online shop. [Details about online shop] 

How do you use ChatGPT prompts for content generation? 

  1. Suggest some trending and unique topics for a blog related to [your niche] 
  2. Give me some of the overlooked areas within [niche] that would make great blog topics 
  3. Give me some blog post topics that provide actionable tips for [solving a problem] in [your niche]. 
  4. Write an introduction for the article [topic] using this keyword [keyword] 
  5. Suggest a content calendar with [number] blog post ideas, and include these keywords [Keywords]. Spread the blog posts for three months.
  6. Give me a checklist for conducting market research before launching my new product [product and niche]. 
  7. Write a script for a podcast discussing the benefits of the topic [topic]. 
  8. Give a list of 5 thought-provoking discussion questions for a blog post on the topic [topic]. 
  9. Develop a whitepaper on [topic] under [number of words]. Here are some additional information [information]. 
  10. Suggest blog post ideas that show success stories or case studies within [your industry]. 
  11. Generate a series of email newsletters providing tips for [topic]. 
  12. Suggest blog topics that compare different [products] used in [your niche]. 
  13. Rewrite this bulleted list into a paragraph. 
  14. Rewrite this paragraph in a bulleted list. 
  15. Summarize this expert interview in a bulleted list.  
  16. Trim this content down to fewer for X sentences/ characters /words without affecting the core objective of the content. 
  17. Rewrite this entire paragraph for more clarity and readability. 
  18. I’m planning to write a guide on sustainable living. Suggest me outline the key sections and topics I should cover. 
  19. [Article] This is the article I have written about coffee brewing. Help me expand it into a full article for X words with proper sub-heading 
  20. [Article] This is article I have written about AI in marketing. Review the content and fix any grammatical errors, awkward sentences and if needed add some good choice of words. 
  21. Suggest some attention-grabbing headlines for my article that links sustainability with AI. 

To simplify complex content creation with ChatGPT, use the chatgpt prompt generator tool. It facilitates accurate, prompt generation for higher productivity and creativity. 

How to use ChatGPT prompts for SMM? 

  1. Generate a script for a chatbot that can answer customer queries and help them make a purchase. Here’s a product detail [product detail] 
  2. Suggest a persuasive Instagram post content that encourages followers to check out our latest product. 
  3. Give an attention-grabbing Instagram carousel post highlighting [insert product features]. 
  4. Write an enticing Facebook post inviting followers to share about your product [Product description]. 
  5. Generate a short LinkedIn post about [topic]. Use this supplementary information for reference: [supplementary information]. 
  6. Generate a Pinterest pin description dedicated to [topic]. 
  7. Give a short product description for our e-commerce website that convinces customers to purchase. Here’s the information about the product [product information] 
  8. Generate a Facebook ad copy that makes users click ‘Learn More’ and explore our new offers. 
  9. Create a Twitter post highlighting the benefits of our service and include a ‘Sign Up Now.’ Here are the details of our services [service details]  
  10. Generate a social media content calendar for [information]. The calendar should be in tabular format and include the post idea, date, and caption. 
  11. Write a short LinkedIn biography for my company. Here’s information about my company [information]. 
  12. Suggest a TikTok video content for [topic]. 
  13. [Paragraph] Rewrite this LinkedIn post section as an Instagram caption. 
  14. Create a YouTube video title that grabs viewers’ attention on the [topic] and encourages viewers to click to watch our product demonstration. 
  15. Generate a script for a video ad that promotes our product. Our product details [product] 
  16. Write a Facebook ad text that attracts users to download our free e-book. Our e-book is a non-fiction book on [brief description of the book] 
  17. Suggest an attractive headline for our webinar registration page. Our webinar deals with [webinar details] 
  18. [Product detail] Generate a product feature snippet that highlights our product benefit and encourages a purchase. 

To make your work simple, use the chatgpt prompt generator to get accurate prompts for Social Media Marketing.  

How do you use ChatGPT prompts for revenue generation? 

Understanding what is prompt in ai and how to use it can give the best results. If you are looking for the right prompts to use in ChatGPT, here’s what you should know: 

  1. What are the key factors that influence customer purchasing decisions for [product] in [industry]? 
  2. Suggest a set of questions to qualify leads interested in our [Service]. 
  3. Give a list of qualifying questions to assess a prospect’s budget, needs, and timeline. This is our product [product] and [niche] 
  4. Generate a persuasive sales script for a digital marketing campaign to generate leads for our [niche] company. 
  5. Suggest a compelling sales pitch for a potential customer highlighting the unique features of our [product]. Here is information about our product: [information] 
  6. Generate a follow-up email to a lead who has shown interest in our [product] 
  7. Suggest a list of objection-handling techniques to overcome common concerns among customers during sales. 
  8. Write a referral program for our existing customers to incentivize them to refer our products to their contacts to our [niche] company. 
  9. Create a sales presentation highlighting the advantages and ROI of our [service] for a [industry]. 
  10. Give me a sales script for introducing our [Product} to a prospect who is facing [specific pain point]. 
  11. Suggest a script to address the common objection that our [Product] is too expensive. Here are the details of our product: [product details] 
  12. Write a professional LinkedIn message template for reaching out to prospects in our industry [industry/niche]. 
  13. Suggest a lead qualification questionnaire on [specific field] with ten questions for sales representatives to evaluate and prioritize prospects. 
  14. Give me a sales script for a product demonstration video that showcases the main features and benefits of our [product/service]. 
  15. Write a follow-up plan for nurturing leads who have shown initial interest but have not yet made a purchase of our product. Here are our product details [product details]. 
  16. Suggest a customer retention strategy that includes loyalty programs, personalized offers, and proactive communication. Here are the details of our products [product details] 

How to use ChatGPT prompts for customer service? 

To provide better customer service, understanding what is prompt in ai and how to use it efficiently can help improve customer satisfaction. Here are some of the best ChatGPT prompts you can use for customer service:  

  1. Suggest three best variations of call openings for the customer service representative of [company name]. The greetings should be empathetic and polite. 
  2. Give an email response to a customer inquiry about product availability, and also provide them with alternative options and suggestions. Here is information about the product [product information]. 
  3. Write a customer service script for handling billing inquiries. This should include how to address billing discrepancies and the refunding process. 
  4. Give some example phrases that a customer service representative shall use to show sympathy to a customer who had a negative experience. 
  5. Give a live chat response to assist a customer [customer name] in troubleshooting a technical issue with [problem]. Providing clear instructions and relevant resources. 
  6. Suggest a template to respond to customer reviews or feedback that shows appreciation for their input and also outline some of the steps to address their concerns. Here is the feedback of the customer [feedback] 
  7. Write 5 FAQs that address common questions and concerns about our service [service information]. Suggest answers as well. 
  8. Suggest a social media response to a customer complaint about our [product]. Here’s the information about our product: [product information]. Here is the complaint: [customer complaint]. 
  9. We are a [Industry] brand. One of our customers placed an order from our website, and it shows that the product was delivered on time. However, the customer claims that they haven’t received it. Suggest ways for our customer representative to assist the customer and offer a resolution. 
  10. We are a product-based company. The customer contacts our customer support team to inquire about the EMI option and the total amount that will be deducted in a particular time period. Assist the customer by acting as a customer agent.  

How to use ChatGPT prompts for eCommerce? 

Learn here about how to write a prompt using ChatGPT for e-commerce: 

  1. Generate a product description for our smart home security. Here is the detail of the product [Product details]  
  2. Create a short 50-word product description for our product. Here are the details of the product [product information]. 
  3. Generate a friendly chat message for [company name] to explain the hassle-free return policy. Here’s our return policy: [return policy]. 
  4. Suggest a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button copy similar to “Add to Cart,” “Shop Now,” or “Get Yours Today!” 
  5. Suggest a list of reasons why our [product and the product name] is better than my competitors. Here are the details about our product: [product details] 
  6. Write a compelling product description for a [product and the product name]. Include tips on how to use it and how it solves the problem. Here are the details about our product: [product details]  
  7. Use urgency and scarcity in my copywriting to increase conversions for [product] on a product listing. Here are the details about our product: [product details] 
  8. Write a witty and powerful listing for {product} and [insert a few bullet points on its uniqueness]. Here are the details about our product: [product details] 
  9. Suggest an SMS campaign for our product: [product information]. 
  10. Create an ad copy for our product and optimize the copy for social media channel ads. Here are the details about our product: [product details]  
  11. Suggest a list of 10 audience demographics that might want [product]. Here are the details about our product: [product details]  
  12. Create personalized product recommendations for a customer looking for athletic wear suitable for yoga and running. 
  13. Write product suggestions for a customers interested in upgrading their kitchen appliances. Specifically focuses on high-end food processors and blenders. 

How students will us ChatGPT prompts for studies? 

Looking for ways to use ChatGPT for studies, here is the answer for how to write a prompt related to academics:  

  1. Write a 200-word summary of [enter the essay/article] 
  2. Suggest a project-based learning activity for university students incorporating critical thinking and real-world problem-solving skills. 
  3. Give me a study guide for [subject] for 8th grade that covers all [topics]. 
  4. Suggest a practical science experiment that demonstrates the principles of [science concept]. 
  5. Suggest me some plot ideas for [enter the story until you have written]. 
  6. Give me poem ideas for [topic]. 
  7. Give a list of 10 interesting facts about our solar system for students interested in solar systems. 
  8. Provide a tutorial on how to solve quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula. 
  9. Write a mind map that demonstrates the interconnectedness of various historical events during a [specific period]. 
  10. Suggest seven strategies to promote interactive learning in a large classroom setting. 
  11. Suggest a group project for high school students to develop collaboration and problem-solving skills. 
  12. Create a set of 5 flashcards that help students memorize words in a foreign language.  
  13. Compare (concept 1) and (concept 2) to understand their similarities and differences. Give some examples to illustrate the points. 
  14. Help me solve a trigonometric problem with an example.  
  15. Give a lesson plan on [topic] for middle-school students that covers topics like [topics]. 
  16. Write a quiz on [subject] with five multiple-choice questions on [topic] 
  17. Assist me in creating a presentation on the economics of sustainable living 
  18. Help me write an interesting and engaging short story on the theme of time travel. 
  19. Check the language and grammar for [enter your essay/article/response]. 
  20. Give me a synopsis of [book title] in [enter word limit]. 
  21. Suggest me a 9th grade study schedule for [days, weeks and months] for [enter subject name]. 
  22. Suggest me an interactive online course module on [subject] incorporating quizzes, videos, and interactive lessons to engage listeners. 

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Now, you will have got clear idea about what is a prompt and how to write ChatGPT prompts that provides maximum results. You should use these as inspiration to create your own prompts that are relevant to your company or line of work. This could be an excellent method for you to start generating enticing contents. 



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