Create and Grow your Personal Brand with a .ME Domain

Create and Grow your Personal Brand with a .ME Domain

We live in a world of personalization. We hear stories about people leaving their full-time desk jobs to start something of their own – to follow their dreams and pursue a career in freelancing or blogging, or simply their passion. A lot of these stories include enjoying the freedom from corporate life and finding solace in the perks of doing what you love.

The road to this personal branding, however, is not easy. A lot goes into making a personal brand stand out, be credible as well as popular, and making it all about yourself!


Building a credible personal brand through strategic planning

Creating a brand of and for yourself involves a lot of proactive planning. Right from setting the vision, mission and tone of your brand right to getting prospective clients – everything needs to be thought out in detail in order to make your business, idea or blog a success. Creating a personal, unique brand persona is what will set you apart from competition, add value and bring money to the table. It should encapsulate everything you stand for and everything you want your prospective users / clients to know.


The first step to building a personal brand – a personal website

The first step to putting yourself out there is having your website – one that’s personal, informative and very you. Your personal website enables you to take control of your personal brand and communicate to your clients as well as your customers what exactly your brand all about. Getting your personal website requires a little investment – registering your domain, buying server space and building your website.

You website needs to encapsulate all the work you have done so far and everything you, as a brand, can offer to your clientele.

Some of the easiest hacks to build a good website are:

  • Making use of blogs – especially if you are a blogger. Your blogs should be the most important part of your website.
  • Gather customer/client testimonials
  • Write a good ‘about me’ description
  • Add your social media icons to link your audience to your networking handles


How .ME can help build this personal website  and why it’s important

In case you didn’t know, .ME is the country code top-level domain for Montenegro. This extension was assigned to Montenegro as country code in 2007, one year after this country declared independence from Serbia and Montenegro.

However, there was an undeniable potential for the creative use of .ME – it was noticed that .ME could mean so much more with its connotation of being a personal, individualistic domain. Basically, while the world runs towards giving their websites a more professional, commercial touch, why shouldn’t you go with .ME?


A .ME domain encourages customers to trust you

A big corporate business model is not entirely trust-generating, but if it’s your personal website with a domain that says ‘me’, it’s immediately bound to generate credibility in the hearts of your customers. Put an emphasis on the personalization, give it a nice ring and voila – your customer has developed an instant liking to your personal website/blog.


A .ME Domain can be a Call-To-Action

With an extension like .ME, you can make your website name a call to action – as per the blog or business you’re running. Your domain name can give out more information about the product/service you’re going to offer.

All in all, .ME is the most personal domain there is – so it can be funny, entertaining, witty and everything else you want it to be! When all else fails, you know that there will always be .ME


H. Fatima used to be an Engineer by profession and Writer by passion until she started pursuing full-time writing. She is presently a Content Marketeer at Newfold Digital (APAC). She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyses, it is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading (an avid reader), watching foreign-language movies and public speaking.