Dear Customer, 

Please be advised that the following Windows hosting servers will be undergoing maintenance as per the schedule and reason mentioned below. 

Server name:



Maintenance Window 

Start Time: 2023-09-26 20:00:00 IST

End Time:   2023-09-26 23:59:59 IST

Reason: OS Upgrade  


Benefits of Upgrade:

TLS 1.3: Windows Server 2022 supports the latest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which provides stronger encryption and improved security for web traffic. 

IIS 10: Windows Server 2022 comes with Internet Information Services (IIS) version 10, which includes several new features and improvements, such as support for HTTP/2 and improved performance. 

Enhanced Security: Windows Server 2022 includes several new security features, such as secure boot, virtualization-based security, and Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), which can help protect your applications and data from threats. 

Improved Performance: Windows Server 2022 is optimized for modern hardware, which can deliver better performance than its predecessor. This can lead to faster response times and improved overall performance of your applications. 

Access to the Latest Applications: Many applications and software require the latest OS to run properly. Upgrading to Windows Server 2022 ensures that you can access the latest and greatest applications. 




Services or Components  Expected Downtime 
File Upload (FTP)  Restricted to 12 hours before the maintenance start time 
Website Service (IIS)  As FTP is restricted to 12 hours before the maintenance start time, websites may show below error: 

The current identity (Servername\username)) does not have write access to ‘D:\INETPUB\VHOSTS\\tmp’. 

Email Service  2 to 3 hours during the maintenance window 
Plesk Panel 
Database Service 



Please feel free to contact our support helpdesk in case you have any queries.